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"No matter how big or small, you'll find us to be the one resource  you'll call again and again. You have my word on it"
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Jet Plumbing, Inc.
5375 Snow Den Trail
Columbiaville, MI 48421

Daytime Phone
(248) 705-1079

Emergency 24 Hour Phone
(248) 705-1079

After Hours - Non Emergency
(810) 793-2961

Customer Testimonials         

"Jet Plumbing was prompt and courteous from the time we called them. They finished my bathroom on time and actually less than their original quote."

Jason T.
West Bloomfield

"It was refreshing to have a company come out and handle everything from the pipe repair, digging and filling of my front yard. They did not need to hire an outside company to excavate."

Charles L.

"Although they did not finish quite on time, their work was excellent, price was what they quoted and they helped me solve additional items without charging me!"

Marlene S.

"When I called for work on my furnace, I was told that I could go to their website and watch an instructional video and I was able to do the job myself, FREE!"

Robert A.
Mt. Pleasant

"The job started a little slow at first but they did finish on time and I am very happy with my bathroom remodel"

Kathleen B.

"Prompt, Friendly, Affordable and Honest"

Manuel G.

"I was a little sketchy having a Plumbing Company do excavating for me but I was and am impressed with their work and will be calling them again"

Tony P.

"Good Price, Great Job! Very pleased with my first step in going green with Jet"

Patricia J.
Ann Arbor

"Excellent! It was nice to have ONE company do the entire job with NO sun-contractors"

Theodore A.
West Bloomfield

When it's time to enhance the comfort of your home,
it's time to call Jet Plumbing!

Operating Hours:
Monday through Saturday - 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM


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