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Control Systems           

Residential HVAC has matured over the years to involve much more than mere temperature control. Now homeowners and business owners alike have a suite of options for HVAC needs including whole building humidity, zoning, dial-in thermostat remote access, air purification and more!

Jet Plumbing is dedicated to enhancing the level of indoor comfort control for our all of our Michigan customers with the latest in thermostats and control systems.

We offer programmable thermostats which allow for efficient cooling and heating with seven day programming so you never forget and leave the air running while you are at work on a hot summer day. We also provide thermostats that can control indoor air quality components (like humidity levels) and provide dial-in remote access so you can adjust the temperature in your home with a simple phone call!

Zoning Control Systems
If you have had problems with inconsistent temperatures in your home, you would appreciate the flexibility of a zoning system from Jet Plumbing. High ceilings, direct sunlight, windows and entry ways are all challenges in keeping your home at an even temperature. A zoning system allows for you to split up your home into separate zones, allowing indoor comfort control to be more specific based on your home's unique design.


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